hi everyone! im new. The server asking for a password. What it is?
When shall I be capable of receiving access to the discord channel? I've been accepted since I possess access to the forum's page.
Sorry guys. Real life bit me. Now it won't let me on the server.
Is the server down?
<Grins> I wrote a sorta introduction to my girl.
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Hi folks,

Long time with no post but that's the nature of things when you're as busy as we are here at Ruins.  Long story short, we're moving our page to another with a little more functionality and more granular control from our back end team. We'll be adding a Wiki to the page as well as we compile stories from the past and current stories being played out right now.  If you are new to the server and have any issue getting connected due to outdated information please message me and I will personally get you set up.  The future for the server looks bright and we are very excited about our next phase.  Thanks for hanging in there for all of you who've been here a while and welcome to the new faces!  

First off, thank you to this community for being so patient with us as we move into a content-rich Conan experience.  We're so glad you chose to join us on this journey.  In light of the map being applied and stability with it, we are going to start talking with the players for phase 2.  

This stage is where YOU start making a difference.  Do you have a place you just absolutely LOVE but can't fit a block because of some stupid building blocker volume?  Guess what?  Those are now being removed!  We'll be taking player requests starting 11/20 for the removal of building blockers in un-build-able areas.  A little further down the road, we will start taking terraform requests to help tweak those areas that you call home in phase 3.  

Phase 4, my favourite, will be the Real Estate phase.  You will be able to take Draconins (Drakes) you earn in-game through trade, and purchase prefab buildings that will load in when the server boots up.  This will be admin approved of course and has to make sense in character.  We will start out small at Three Rivers, letting players buy houses and grow from there.

A few more things we have coming is the reshaping of the West (pictured above) a rainforest area and Port Dred!  Are you a seedy character who likes to rob and steal and drink all day?  Then port Dred is the place for you.  It will be located on the Eastern side of the map and will be a hive of thieves and villainy!  Stay tuned for more updates as they come!    

I have updated our application to match the correct information and I have also updated our server rules to the most current set.  As things are always in flux due to feedback from the community SOME things may change but most will stay.  Please be sure to read over them, ignorance does not grant immunity cool  Thanks for your patience while we sort things out!


As we have crossed into the new timeline our new map did not make it to launch.  This was due to excessive crashing of the Editor and having to restart multiple times on the project by our developer on that front.  He has been working hard this week and has a map live on the TEST realm.  We are testing now to ensure the placement of the map over the live database will not have any adverse affects.  If you wish to join the test server, please contact someone on the team and we will assist you!

Moving forward.

Darmok Storm Raven a posted Oct 23, 17

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey for the last two months.  Our team at Ruins has been hard at work developing content and finding ways to create a more immersive experience for our roleplaying community.   As we move forward we will be bringing our own, custom mods that help tell your stories.  We are currently looking to wipe the server November the 1st and lay in our own custom map we've built.  This map will be a 50 year aged version of the current map that will house pre-established admin cities for trade and RP events. For all of our new players, please hop on the discord to get the latest news and the Mod list for the server.  We will be updating the website to reflect this after the wipe.  Thank you all for your continued patience. 

Welcome to Ruins of the Storm! We are a Conan Exiles Heavy RP Server. We have a focus on creating a table top RPG experience in a Sandbox game and thus are very lore centric.

We are a Mature server and only allow those 18 or older to enter.

While we do have light PVP, it is heavily moderated and we keep it within the bounds of RP. 

We emphasize true roleplay and collaborative storytelling alongside personal character development. 

Our community is very friendly and welcoming even to new roleplayers or survival players and we have a no drama policy.

If you would like to join our server please click REGISTER on the upper right hand corner or check out the recruitment page.

See you on the sands! Or in the cold north... if you are brave enough to venture there.

Disclaimer: This post was definitely written by a Vanir. Opinions about the north being dangerous are the sole opinion of the author and do not reflect the beliefs or views of the Southerners in any way.

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