Sorry guys. Real life bit me. Now it won't let me on the server.
<Grins> I wrote a sorta introduction to my girl.
Apologies but I am a technophobe. Going to need someone to walk me through the whole Discord thing and how to get to the community.
Just applied and really hope im accepted as server looks really fun and I want to bring my character to this community!
Just applied, look forward to hearing from you and would love an opportunity to become an active member of your community, thank you for your considereation. :)

The Dragons Eye PVP Event!

By blanklink - Posted Jul 4, 18

"Take this down scribe. 'To the people of the exiled lands, Greetings to you from the East! That's right, old Nazar has moved into the neutral territories of the East and, together with my love, would like to invite you all to a grand opening of 'The Dragon's Eye'. As you all know by now, it wouldn't be an occasion of mine without three thing, booze, women, and blood! The casks have been opened and the women primed for your enjoyment! I will also be hosting the first 'Dragon's Eye' formal bracketed tournament. Submit your names for entry! The prize for first place is a legendary weapon of your choice and the prize for second is you get to live! Nazar is most generous no? Don't like fighting? Feel free to drink, gamble, or fuck the night away with all the pleasures 'The Dragon's Eye' has to provide. RSVP my friends to save a table at arena side!

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