Sorry guys. Real life bit me. Now it won't let me on the server.
<Grins> I wrote a sorta introduction to my girl.
Apologies but I am a technophobe. Going to need someone to walk me through the whole Discord thing and how to get to the community.
Just applied and really hope im accepted as server looks really fun and I want to bring my character to this community!
Just applied, look forward to hearing from you and would love an opportunity to become an active member of your community, thank you for your considereation. :)

Welcome to Ruins of the Storm

By Gorawyn a - Posted Sep 7, 17

Welcome to Ruins of the Storm! We are a Conan Exiles Heavy RP Server. We have a focus on creating a table top RPG experience in a Sandbox game and thus are very lore centric.

We are a Mature server and only allow those 18 or older to enter.

While we do have light PVP, it is heavily moderated and we keep it within the bounds of RP. 

We emphasize true roleplay and collaborative storytelling alongside personal character development. 

Our community is very friendly and welcoming even to new roleplayers or survival players and we have a no drama policy.

If you would like to join our server please click REGISTER on the upper right hand corner or check out the recruitment page.

See you on the sands! Or in the cold north... if you are brave enough to venture there.

Disclaimer: This post was definitely written by a Vanir. Opinions about the north being dangerous are the sole opinion of the author and do not reflect the beliefs or views of the Southerners in any way.

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