Sorry guys. Real life bit me. Now it won't let me on the server.
<Grins> I wrote a sorta introduction to my girl.
Apologies but I am a technophobe. Going to need someone to walk me through the whole Discord thing and how to get to the community.
Just applied and really hope im accepted as server looks really fun and I want to bring my character to this community!
Just applied, look forward to hearing from you and would love an opportunity to become an active member of your community, thank you for your considereation. :)


Darmok Stormraven a posted Jan 25, 19
As all things must do an end has come. The end of the Ruins of the Storm story. Almost two years ago I logged on to this community and met a great leader who shared my vision of creating a place that blended the line between tabletop and computer gaming. I am proud to say we (and I mean team members present and past) achieved that goal… but as anything must do to survive, we must evolve. The lessons learned from the time spent with this wonderful community has molded and shaped our team into a professional, courteous group of individuals who’ve helped me more than I can ever thank them. Including those who have moved on to do their own version of what we did here. It is good to see our inspiration drove such creative innovation to build variations of new worlds. In the words of my inspiration for being a creator, J.R.R. Tolkien “All have their worth and each contributes to the worth of the others.” I believe this to hold true in all regards for this community and our players. There were certainly a lot of memories made. Some enemies, but more friends. It’s truly been an honor that you all allowed me to use you as my muse to create such interesting content and make our world a living, breathing place. The story of Kyovolk and his ascension into the arms of Yog will go down in history as an event few will forget.  Maybe the story of the Stormravens and their bravery will be tales told later on down the line to new players who join the server?  Maybe Availia will always live in your hearts for those of us who wish to do good and help others in this hard land.(First build of Availia pictured below circa April 2017)
This begins a new era for us here at Ruins for our Conan community and for our growing Atlas community. The stories do not stop here, they will continue. And that is what you, my new players and old are set out to do. Go forth, build new stories, help us build new worlds. Inspire my creativity to build the next Three Rivers or Port Dred. Those places were built from the stories the PLAYERS drove. Iah Deshret was also built from the imagination of Ayanna and Strasmet. Along with Port Dred, Skoldheim and the Dragonwall.  SO many of the locations we used as Roleplay hubs held such significant meaning to our players and I am proud to be the one to help bring these visions to life along with my team. 
I am looking forward to the next chapter of this community and seeing where we go as a whole, together. Thank you all for your continued patronage and support of me and my team. I look forward to seeing you all in the new chapter of the Ruins of the Storm!

Hey folks, a few months back I started on a really arduous journey of creating an entirely new map for Conan Exiles.  Well, I finally have some headway to show you, so here it is:

Evening ruffians!

Ruins Community Banner

Today, I bring news of the new direction of our community.  I am officially announcing the expansion into the realm of Atlas!  Ruins of the Storm - Pirate Edition! 

Ruins of the Storm are proud to bring you another server for RP-PVP gaming. First, there was Conan Exiles, now there is Atlas. As before and always RotS is dedicated to bringing you a fun.... yet deadly gaming environment. Second, Surviving in the harsh ocean world of Atlas is a far cry from the desert, tundra, and jungles of Conan so are you prepared?

Merchants, Royal Navy(Admin), Adventurers, Ghost Ships and of course Pirates make up this vast 9 server world. Sail your own ship to glory and riches or find a crew of misfits willing to kill for a coin and take over the seas, your dream is your reality. We strive to give many RP events for the server as well as in house mods to create a depth in the game that we hope no other matches. So log in and join our cast. For as the great playwright once said: “All the world is a stage..” So come to Ruins and show you ingenuity and mettle. Survive the waves whales cyclones and mermaids and live the life of a Pirate King......or humble merchant you decide join us now.

Along with these great changes we've also updated our Patreon to match both games!

Wherever you decide to join us I hope to see you in the Ruins.


Raven Oaths

blanklink posted Jul 26, 18

This Saturday at 12:30 pm CST There will be a fancy gathering in Availia to swear in the new Ravens. Afterwards there will be an non IC pvp event @Blank (Ysdra) will be coming up with minor rules and objectives but this will be for fun and to gives the new Ravens something to beat on. No death rolls, only if you choose such. Plan on having fun!

"In honor of Jasmine Vedzordani de Korzetta's first birthday a celebration shall be held at the Bears Head Tavern in The Highlands, all are welcome to attend for a social night of food, drinks, activities, and fun. -Roselia Dreyrugr"

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